Organizing and Inventory

Organizing 006_sm_wm copy

I hope to phase from lipgloss and lipbalm development into production this month; therefore, have been cleaning, organizing and taking inventory. Am using some of the ideas from Marie Gales fabulous book Good Manufacturing Practices for Soap & Cosmetic Handcrafters by Marie Gale.   A very useful tip I’ve been implementing, is her suggestion to keep a running inventory sheet on the storage boxes, and subtract as you use the supplies.   Found some full adhesive post-it notes at the store, will see how that works.   I think it’s a step up from masking tape labels.

Organizing 008_sm_wm copy

Organizing the bench too, cleaned out space on the shelf for my most beloved piece of equipment – the triple beam balance.   You can see here that he now has a safe place to rest.   It feels good to get organized, am almost ready to begin pouring fun lippy products with abandon!


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